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Sarah Reinertsen

Sarah Reinertsen


Fear less, live more

Sarah Reinertsen

Paralympian Sarah Reinertsen holds World Records in the 100m, 200m, 400, 5km marathon and marathon distance races, and is the first above-knee amputee woman to complete the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

Sarah, who likes to swim, bike, run and practice yoga, became an above-knee amputee at age 7 due to Proximal Femoral Deficiency.  She says Össur technology has helped her tremendously in everyday life as well as in sports, giving her the ability to truly feel like a woman by enabling her wear high heels for the first time. She currently uses several Össur prostheses, including the Dermo Wave liner with Seal, Total Knee 2100, Vari-Flex XC Rotate, and the Flex Run with Nike Sole, an innovation she helped catalyze by encouraging the two companies to collaborate.

Sarah actively mentors other women and girls with limb loss, encouraging them to build endurance and using mantras like “keep moving forward” and “fear less, live more” to stay motivated.





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