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Ligament Braces

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Rebound® PCL

The Rebound PCL is designed to apply a physiologically correct dynamic force, optimum for rehabilitation of posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) ruptures, during functional (non-surgical) or post-surgical rehabilitation

C180 Rocket

With a condensed size and Accutrac™ hinges that are modified to more accurately track young knees, C180 Rocket provides support for children with ligament instabilities.


Rigid carbon fiber frame provides optimum protection and maximum stabilization of the knee joint – with flexible subshells for off the shelf convenience.


A viable post-op/functional rehab solution offering versatility in both shape and function.


Where a cage style brace is preferred, Paradigm is a low profile carbon fiber brace that provides firm control and has an anterior calf shell, eliminating "step through".

Formfit® Knee MCL

The Formfit Knee MCL provides external stability and protection for low to medium contact/impact activities and while recovering from injury.

Rebound® DUAL

The Rebound DUAL knee brace delivers functional support for ligament instabilities, including ligament instability with osteoarthritis, in a single, versatile aluminum brace

Rebound® DUAL ST

The Rebound DUAL ST offers a versatile, comfortable, and reliable support for improved ligament stability. Suitable for low-to-high impact activities as well as sliding sports.

Rebound® ACL

The Rebound ACL is a dynamic ACL brace that can be integrated directly into current protocols, designed to reduce strain on the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).