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Formfit® Thumb OA Night

Formfit® Thumb OA Night


Össur's Formfit Thumb OA Night & Day braces provide a Night & Day solution which can be used by starting with immobilization of the CMC joint at night. After the initial pain-peak is addressed patients continue with the Formfit Thumb OA day brace in order to preserve the pain relief and allow a full thumb function throughout the day.

The Formfit Thumb OA Night provides physiological immobilization of the trapeziometacarpal joint. The brace also features a mouldable thumb and index finger abduction splint, this aids in providing pain relief. The breathable material and circular wrap design aid in a comfortable fit.

The Formfit Thumb OA Day provides stability by preserving grip and function. The day brace frees up the patients gripping motion and finger joint flexion for daily tasks. The low profile breathable and circular wrap design material, aids in a comfortable fit.

Indications for use

  • Carpometacarpal Osteoarthritis

Order Information

Formfit Thumb Spica
Left# Right# Size Wrist Circ. inches Wrist Circ. cm
717083 717073 Small 5” – 6” 13 – 15cm
717085 717075 Medium 6” – 7” 15 – 18cm
717087 717077 Large 7” – 8.3” 18 – 21cm