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Össur Motion Lab

The best care and options for Osteoarthritis and Injury Solutions

Due to the COVID pandemic we are operating in uncharted waters. In order to accommodate social distancing while supporting patients we have initiated Telehealth as our primary source of patient care. Through Telehealth, our clinicians are able to perform a virtual, no charge, consultation and explore solutions to reduce your pain and improve your mobility. Many of these solutions involve off-the-shelf products that we can ship. When a custom brace is required we have the ability to perform a no contact scan of the leg.

We are determined to support you, and keep you mobile, during this unprecedented situation. We are asking for your support and flexibility while we do our best to provide you with the high level of service you’re used to from our Motion Labs.

Össur Motion Lab clinics are located in the Lower Mainland, BC, and are a resource for Health Care Professionals and Patients who seek the best care options for Osteoarthritis and Injury Solutions. We do not sell products, but rather we pair our expertise and products with the particulars of the acute or chronic orthopaedic complaint. To book an appointment, call 604-242-0203, email [email protected] (or click below), and Facebook.