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Patient Features

At Össur we strive to ensure that patients are receiving the best care and options for their bracing needs. The following patients wanted to share their positive experiences at the Össur Motion Lab.

Nick's comments on his experience

Literally life-changing. I couldn't run for more than an hour or so without severe pain in my knee. Since the Unloader, I've done five iron distance triathlons, as well as many more half irons, marathons, and half marathons. After each one, the only thing that does not hurt is the knee I wear the brace on. Astounding. The Unloader has allowed me to continue with sports that I simply wouldn't be able to do otherwise.

A Success Story from Neil K, Vancouver

A few years ago I had a very sore knee that was not healing. Physio, Chiro and Massage did not help. I went for 2 years with zero results. I then went to a Sports Doctor who recommended that I try the Össur Rebound Cartilage knee brace. I wore it all the time for 6 months, and my knee got better and better as the months went by. I tapered off wearing it for another 3 months, so I wore it for 9 months in total. I have had 1 year of zero pain. I also do a light gym workout once a week that also helps build muscle, and take care of my knee and do not abuse it. I am VERY THANKFUL that I used the brace as it was the only thing that healed my knee. Many thanks to the people at Össur for the simple solution that made a big difference to my life!

A letter from Tom

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and the people at Motion Lab for your recent care and service. I have been a client of Össur (Motion Lab) for approximately 7 years. Over that time I have had several opportunities to interact with Össur and their staff in regard to my needs. Each time I have had an excellent experience.

Your professionalism and individualized attention to detail are second to none. I feel you care about the individual and do everything you can to ensure a complete and positive client experience. It's nice to deal with professionals that put client's interests first - thank you!


A nice recommendation from Ernie

I am having a wonderful experience with my new brace. I’ve completed 2-3 hour walking tours of Venice and Bologna in Italy, and Split and Dubrovnik in Croatia, over four days with complete comfort and no discomfort. I can honestly recommend this brace to anyone with a similar knee problem.

Thank you,