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Evolution Truly Custom Liners

Custom from top to bottom, inside and out.

Evolution Truly Custom Liners are designed by a certified prosthetist to fit each amputee’s unique limb shape. Truly custom throughout, from the proximal end to the distal end, both inside and out, Evolution Truly Custom Liners deliver consistent compression of the limb.

Evolution Truly Custom Liner Features

  • For lower and upper extremities including TF, TT, symes, hip disartic, transradial and transhumeral.
  • Compatible with elevated vacuum, seal-in, expulsion, and locking suspension systems
  • For amputees of all lifestyles and activity levels
  • Optional wave feature for maximum comfort
  • Silky surface allows liner to slide on itself for easy donning and doffing
  • Your specific thickness from 3-21 mm
  • No coatings that can crack, peel, or wear off
  • Easy to care for and keep clean

Echo Locking Seal Features

  • Locks liner to socket wall
  • Customized seal heights available

Advanced Medical Grade Silicone

Our medical grade silicone is naturally compatible with human tissue and resistant to fluids and bacteria, reducing the risk of infection. The liner remains fresh and odor free after each use and has lasting strength and thickness.


Custom Liner Diagrams

Cross Section

Ordering Information

The cross section diagram shows our standard design for a transtibial custom liner. We have standard designs for all amputation levels. Call a customer service representative for more information.
Part # Description w/ Wave
EVO110 Evolution Truly Custom Cushion Liner EVO110+W
EVO210 Evolution Truly Custom Pin Liner EVO210+W
EVO310 Addt'l Custom Cushion Liner EVO310+W
EVO410 Addt'l Custom Pin Liner EVO410+W
EVOA30 Matrix (avail w/ all liners on request)

Echo Sizing Guideline

Echo Sizing Diagram

Please take all measurements over the uncovered liner to be used with the Echo; ensure the liner is properly fitted and in place on the patient’s residual limb prior to obtaining measurements.

Take a circumferential measurement at level “A” as noted in the diagram. For transfemoral limbs the measurement is taken 1 ½ ” to 2” below the lowest part of the socket trim line. For transtibial limbs, the measurement is taken ½” to ¾” below the lowest part of the socket trim line.

Sizing Chart

Refer to the Echo Sizing Diagram to get the correct sizing in the chart below. If you do not see a matching size; custom Echos are available for you to order.

Part #Echo SizeCircumference ASeal Height B
BESS-2-10-4 2 6 ½” - 8” 4”
BESS-2.5-10-4 2.5 8” - 9 ¾” 4”
BESS-3-12-5 3 9 ¾” - 11 ¼” 5”
BESS-3.5-12-5 3.5 11 ¼” - 12 ¾” 5”
BESS-4-12-5.5 4 12 ¾” - 14 ½” 5 ½”
BESS-4.5-14-6 4.5 14 ½” - 16” 6”
BESS-5-14-6 5 16” - 19” 6”
BESS-6-16-6 6 19” - 22 ¼” 6”
BESS-7-16-6 7 22 ¼” - 25 ¼” 6”
BESS-8-16-6 8 25 ¼” - 28 ¾” 6”
BESS-9-16-7 9 28 ¾” - 31” 7”

Turnaround Times

Example Liner Production Time
New Evolution Truly Custom Liner 5 business days
Additional Custom Liners 3 business days
In Stock Echos Same business day
Custom Echos 1 business day
When ordering, please refer to our .pdf order form and include it when sending any AOP files or casts. *Does not include ship time. All liners ship UPS worldwide express saver to Canada.

Custom Liner Examples