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i-Limb® Ultra

i-Limb® Ultra


An externally powered, multi-articulating prosthetic hand with five individually powered digits and powered thumb rotation, with manual override.

  • Individually motorized digits and thumb with compliant grip and stall out ability
  • Powered thumb rotation, with manual override
  • Faster – With our speed boost feature, digit speed can be increased by up to 30%
  • App control provides instant access to quick grips™ at the touch of an icon. Muscle control uses specific muscle signals called triggers to instruct the hand to activate a specific grip
  • 18 different grip options available
  • The i-Limb Wrist is available with all i-Limb hands allowing for rotational control
  • vari-grip™ feature for enhanced grip strength
  • auto-grasp™ – anti drop safety feature for added reassurance
  • Biosim™ and my i-limb™ software
  • Available in 4 sizes – extra small, small, medium and large
  • Multiple covering options available to suit individual lifestyles
  • Titanium digits - titanium strengthened digits which increase the maximum carry load by 50%. Available in i-Limb hand sizes S/M/L

i-Limb Wrist:

  • Direct rotation via SMART control and traditional muscle control
  • Set up and calibration via Biosim on iPad.
  • Expansion ring for assembly and disassembly into prosthesis.
  • Utilises digital electrodes for optimal control.

Smart Control

High / Low


i-Limb Wrist

The first integrated hand and wrist prosthesis with synchronized rotation and grip selection.

When the prosthesis is held horizontally and a grip is activated using any of the control options of the i-Limb Ultra hand, the i-Limb Wrist will automatically rotate to the predefined rotation for that grip.

The i-Limb Wrist offers simultaneous rotation and direct rotational control.

Simultaneous rotation - when accessing a grip through any control option on the i-Limb Ultra hand the i-Limb Wrist will automatically and simultaneously rotate to the pre-set rotation for that grip.

Direct rotation – the wrist can be directly rotated without changing grip, using SMART control.

SMART control is calibrated during set up of the prosthesis to the individual users unique muscle activities. Traditional control methods of co-contraction or high/low are also available.

Key Features:

  • Set up and calibration via Biosim on iPad.
  • 2 way communication between i-Limb Ultra and i-Limb Wrist allows simultaneous rotation upon grip selection.
  • Expansion ring for assembly and disassembly into prosthesis.
  • Utilises digital electrodes for optimal control.
  • 50/60Hz switchable via Biosim and My i-Limb App.
  • 2 year warranty.

App control

Quick Grips provide instant access to 12 pre-programmed grips, allowing huge versatility and flexibility in customizing the hand for a variety of daily activities.

Muscle Control

Triggers are specific muscle signals that are used to instruct the i-Limb Ultra to activate a specific grip.



Required for maintenance of the i-limb® hand

PL177001 Repair tool kit T10

Coupling Piece & Coaxial Plug

For QWD connection.

PL091032 Coupling piece
PL091036 4-way coaxial plug

Lamination Ring

For lamination into prosthesis for QWD connection.

089003 Lamination ring 50 mm

QWD Disengage Tool

Required for assembly of a QWD

091084A QWD Disengage Tool

WD Lamination Plate-Basket Assembly

For lamination into prosthesis with WD connection.

SA149003 WD Lamination plate/basket assembly


Device Weight
Extra SmallSmallMedium/Large
QWD 472g/1.04lbs 512g/1.13lbs 528g/1.16lbs
WD 432g/0.95lbs 472g/1.04lbs 488g/1.08lbs
Flexion Wrist 572g/1.26lbs 612g/1.35lbs 628g/1.38lbs
Friction Wrist 467g/1.03lbs 507g/1.12lbs 523g/1.15lbs
Technical Information
Voltage 7.4 V (nominal)
Max Current 5 A
Battery Capacity Rechargeable lithium polymer; 7.4 V (nominal); 2000 mAh capacity; 1300 mAh capacity
Max. hand load limit (static limit) 40kg/88lbs (Extra Small) 90kg/198lb (Small/Medium/Large)
Finger carry load (static limit) 20kg/44lbs (Extra Small) 32kg/71Ibs (Small/Medium/Large)
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