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Reimbursement Support Services

Reimbursement Support Services - Available in the U.S. and Canada

Expert, confidential support to ensure timely and successful reimbursement outcomes. Complimentary service for any purchase from our dedicated reimbursement support specialists.

Pre-submission Package Review:

  • North American experts
  • Success across a wide range of providers
  • 24-hour turn around

Our Services Include:

  • Evidence based claim support - assistance with pre-fitting assessments and finalizing treatment plans for pre-authorization requests
  • Document checklist & review services - comprehensive authorization checklists and document review of policies, service estimates and Explanation of Benefits (EOBs)
  • Billing & coding guidance - l-coding recommendations, suggested billing amounts, and/or state specific Medicare allowables
  • Denial review & appeal preparation - provide a full review of the denial letter, EOB, and policies to assist with preparing the appeal package
  • Additional support services - referring physician communications, service estimates, and supporting clinical justification

Upgrade to our total billing program

Our total billing program provides a complete billing service including:

  • Bills the payer through customer NPI and tax ID number
  • Compile all required medical documentation to substantiate medical necessity
  • Compile the insurance submission package
  • Submit prior authorization to the payer
  • Support any denial received and submit appeal to secure authorization to proceed with fitting
  • Submit claim for reimbursement
  • Follow through with the payer until reasonable payment is approved

Customer Requirements*:

  • Assist the patient with completing a Pre-fitting assessment via the Patient Care Pathway
  • Manage all clinical interaction with the patient
  • Provide access to referring physician to compile required medical documentation
  • Collect any balance billed to the patient

*Addititonal terms and conditions may apply

To utilize Össur Touch Solutions reimbursement support services, contact one of our reimbursement specialists at 1-800-233-6263 or email us at [email protected].

The responsibility for accurate coding lies with the patient care facility that selects a product and fits the patient. Össur’s coding recommendations are based on our best judgement. These recommendations are open to revision based on additional information or changes in the L-code system.